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Data Management Challenges in Healthcare That Need to be Addressed to Improve Efficiency

2022 11 Mar

An overview of data management challenges that can help improve efficiency, compliance, data security and interoperability in healthcare. Key Points Every industry is striving to control and harness the power of data and healthcare is no exception. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the HIPAA Security... Read more

25th Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference

2021 18 Apr

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Informed Opinions on Genomic Data Use: Control vs. Money

2020 12 Mar

How much value is there in genomic data donated by the public to companies? How these data might be used? Should providers be compensated somehow? As soon as people become aware of these issues, they start questioning the use and security of their genetic information, shows a recent research.   You might also like: Germany Joins ‘1+ Million... Read more

Radical Interoperability As the Future of Health

2019 29 Oct

Smooth exchange of health and other data — that is, interoperability — between consumers, healthcare organisations and new entrants is undoubtedly necessary for the future success of the industry. The research by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions unveils experts’ view on this matter. Efficient Data Flow In the ideal future every... Read more

Legal Challenges of Data Management

2019 28 Oct

With the development of digital infrastructures in healthcare, there is growing need to work all the data available into a ‘data fabric’, a technology connecting data across locations, formats, IT systems and computer programs. It improves analytics by providing smooth access to various types of data in the multi-vendor, multi-user and multi-shareholder... Read more

A primer on next generation sequencing data analytics

2019 22 May

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is rapidly becoming more and more standardised in terms of sequencing techniques.   With Precision Medicine coming into the clinical forefront, it is important to know the steps and possibilities associated with Next-Generation Sequencing techniques.   Introduction   Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is... Read more

23nd Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference

2019 17 Mar

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Data management: the year ahead

2018 09 Jan

For 2018 privacy and security will continue to be priority areas when it comes to health data management. Moreover, informatics, data analytics, and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) are amongst the imperatives that will dominate data trends this year, according to the American Health Information Management Association. 1. Data analytics... Read more

Enterprise Data World-EDW 2017

2017 02 Apr

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