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ICU Management

Study: Cycling in Bed Safe and Feasible for ICU Patients

2016 28 Dec

ICU patients on mechanical ventilation can use an in-bed cycle safely and early in their stay, according to research from McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, published in PLOS One. “We know that if patients start in-bed cycling two weeks into their ICU stay, they will walk farther at hospital discharge," said the study's lead... Read more

Cardiology Management

Get Peddling to Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

2016 31 Oct

Leisure and commuter cycling may be an important public health strategy in large-scale efforts to reduce cardiovascular risk, according to the findings of two large observational studies just published in Circulation and in the Journal of the American Heart Association . And as little as 30 minutes a week may have a protective effect. In the... Read more