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ICU Management

Ten Areas to Help Retain Critical Care Nurses

2022 20 Oct

The shortage of nurses in the ICU has been a problem for several years. However, the issue has become an even bigger problem because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the most common reasons driving critical care nurses to leave include excessive workload, distress, and burnout. A shortage of nurses will likely impact the quality of patient care and... Read more

ICU Management

18th Emirates Critical Care Conference 2022

2022 13 May

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ICU Management

Night Service in the Intensive Care Unit of a University Hospital

2020 11 Aug

This article draws attention to the extensive range of tasks and the stresses and strains during night duty in intensive care units. To this end, the range of activities of night duty nursing staff is presented using the example of the Hannover Medical School. Night Service - An Important Service in the Multiple-Shift System In... Read more