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Executive Health Management

2020 09 Mar

Summary: Where can digitalisation in healthcare be applied to yield quantum leaps in efficiency, cost-savings, patient safety and care quality? Almost no other area in healthcare offers so much potential for increasing process efficiency, for improving medical quality as well as patient safety, and finally, for achieving sustainable economic...Read more

IT Management

2016 10 Aug

Tools that provide continuous monitoring have the potential to save hospitals $20,000 per bed annually, a report says. Researchers from Harvard have projected that contact-free continuous monitoring platforms have the potential to save the healthcare industry as much as $15 billion per annum. According to a new peer-reviewed paper published in Critical...Read more

Executive Health Management

2015 10 Aug

According to Bruce Halowell, the Managing Director of Navigant Healthcare, many top-level managers in hospitals focus on the wrong issues and too many healthcare facilities overlook management duplication.  "Everybody merged together and bought lots of hospitals. It's a duplication of leadership. We have systems with five hospitals within 10 miles...Read more

Executive Health Management

2015 02 Aug

There are significant cost-saving opportunities in the management of operating room inventory if surgeons agree to standardise supplies used to perform surgical procedures. However, since there is very little incentive for surgeons to participate in such decisions as the benefits of such cost-saving is realised by the hospital and not the practitioner,...Read more