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IT Management

Computer Use LInked to Patient Satisfaction

2015 30 Nov

A new study appearing in JAMA Internal Medicine indicates that high computer use by clinicians in safety-net hospital clinics is associated with lower patient satisfaction. The observational study was conducted over two years at an academically affiliated public hospital with a basic electronic health record. Safety-net clinics cater for populations... Read more

Executive Health Management

UCLA: Big Data Computing Center of Excellence

2014 14 Oct

UCLA is set to establish a Center of Excellence for Big Data Computing under an $11 million research grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The UCLA centre, part of an initial $32 million outlay for the $656 million Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative, will formulate new strategies for harnessing complex biomedical data sets known as... Read more

IMAGING Management

Online Social Networking for Radiologists

2014 06 Oct

There are several reasons why online social networking has become an important part of being a successful physician. Social networking is an important aspect of networking for employment and allows radiologists to network with other physicians for clinical- and research-related interests. It may also be useful for radiologists to network with patients.... Read more