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ICU Management

Fluid resuscitation in ICU: crystalloids inferior to colloids?

2018 18 Dec

Researchers performed a systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate data from randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of crystalloids and colloids for fluid resuscitation in critically ill adults. They found that crystalloids were less effective than colloids at stabilising haemodynamic resuscitation endpoints such as adequate central venous pressure... Read more

ICU Management

Study: Long-term impact of crystalloids vs colloids after major abdominal surgery

2018 14 Nov

A 1-year follow up  of patients randomised to receive hydroxyethyl starch solution or balanced crystalloid solution as part of intraoperative goal-directed fluid therapy during major open abdominal surgery, found there was no difference in renal function between the groups. The study, by Alexandre Joosten, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, CUB Erasme,... Read more