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2013 28 Nov

A Canadian Solution for Collaboration and Quality Assurance in Radiology Authors Dr . Nadine Koff President and Co-founder RealTime Medical Toronto Ontario, Canada [email protected]   Prof . David A. Koff Co-founder RealTimeMedical, Associate Professor...Read more

Executive Health Management


2015 20 Jan

Medical students are more accurate in selecting a correct diagnosis for simulated patient cases when they work in pairs, according to new research from Berlin, Germany. Collaboration improves error correction, bridges gaps in knowledge, and decreases flawed reasoning, the study suggests. The findings are reported in the January 20 issue of  JAMA ....Read more

IT Management


2015 09 Mar

A survey conducted by Accenture reveals that only a third of chief marketing officers (CMOs) in the pharmaceutical industry view IT as a strategic partner to business objectives. Compared to other industries like banking and retail, the C-suite executives of pharmaceutical companies are less likely to collaborate, and CIOs are far more likely than...Read more

Executive Health Management


2015 09 Jun

Healthcare management innovation in the fields of patient care, clinical work, nursing, human resources and information systems were high on the agenda at the thirty fourth European Hospital and Healthcare Federation Agora (HOPE AGORA) congress held in Warsaw on the first two days of June. Held on the theme of “Hospitals 2020: hospitals of the future,...Read more

IT Management


2015 27 Jul

Athenahealth's new secure text messaging service "athenaText" makes coordination within care teams easier and faster — which contributes to improved patient care. Integrated with athenahealth’s cloud-based EHR platform, athenaText is available free to the more than one million healthcare professionals on the athenahealth network. The service is accessible...Read more

IT Management


2016 25 Feb

Creating a more idea- and innovation-friendly culture within an organisation can help to facilitate change that leads to improved work processes and overall performance. However, the quest for the best idea may lead to conflict or disagreement between individuals. Consider this example: It's time to acquire an electronic medical record system, and...Read more

ICU Management


2016 28 Mar

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) has announced the publication of the 2nd edition of its Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments . The standards, first published in 2005, identified previously discounted systemic behaviours that can result in unsafe conditions, and focus on the human factor. The Association...Read more

Health Management


2018 25 Jan

T h e r ac e i s o n t o i m p l e m e n t t e c h n o l o g y e f f e c t i v e l y f or i m p r ov e d l i a i s i n g a n d b e t t e r h e a l t h o u t c o m e s. Healt h technolog y ca n chang e healthcar...Read more

Cardiology Management


2018 22 Sep

Jacobs Institute idea to Reality (i2R) Centre addresses major health crisis. A medical innovation centre shows how a one-stop-shop approach to CVD medical device creation is accelerating impactful results for all stakeholders. There is a global health crisis in cardiovascular disease that will require out-of-the-box thinking, collaborations,...Read more

Executive Health Management


2018 27 Nov

In our fast-paced world of quick data access, AI and value-based healthcare, the growing importance of engineering in medicine is quickly becoming evident. Yet will the interface between engineering and medicine solve the growing challenges we face in healthcare? Can biomedical engineering really solve the challenges of tomorrow? MRI machines to...Read more

IMAGING Management


2018 04 Dec

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company   Sectra  has entered into a partnership with HuminTec, a leading software company in the field of pathology in South Korea. Through the distribution agreement, the South Korean healthcare market will gain access to Sectra’s digital pathology solution. This solution supplies healthcare providers...Read more

ICU Management


2019 19 Mar

The 39th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine opened today in Brussels, Belgium. Professor Jean-Louis Vincent kicked off the proceedings with an insightful discussion on intensive care and emergency medicine. Prof. Vincent thanked the organisers and the scientific advisors from all over the world who were attending...Read more

Executive Health Management


2019 22 May

The case for the lone wolf and pack of wolves   Author of lauded book ‘The Art of Innovation – Integrating Creativity in Organisations’, Dimis Michaelides puts forth how to get the balance right with sole and group creative problem solving.     Health professionals are well aware of the value of collaboration. The surgery and...Read more

IT Management


2019 10 Dec

In the UK, a new collaboration leverages federated learning to speed up research and improve clinical outcomes in the treatment of cancer, heart failure, stroke, and neurodegenerative disease (ie, dementia). You might also like: IT and Clinician Collaboration for Better Work Flow Owkin, which focuses on AI-powered solutions to advance medical...Read more

Executive Health Management


2023 06 Jun

The Luxembourg Hospital Federation (FHL), its partners and the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) will take advantage of Healthcare Week Luxembourg 2023 , from 20 to 22 September, to present awards to the most promising start-ups and projects in the field of innovation. Applications are now being accepted in three categories.   ...Read more

Executive Health Management


2023 24 Jul

In a recent media interview as the new CDC director, Dr. Mandy Cohen highlighted her commitment to refocusing the agency on rebuilding trust through increased transparency, improved communication, and by presenting the best available evidence to the public.   During her first meeting with CDC staff members the central theme was "trust." Cohen felt...Read more

Women's Health


2023 10 Oct

Partnership to Include Integration of Hologic Products, Specifically Designed for Gynecologic Care, into Hands-On Skills Education for OB-GYN Residents   Hologic, Inc., a global leader in women’s health announced an innovative new partnership with the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) and Inovus Medical. Hologic becomes...Read more

Executive Health Management


2023 27 Oct

The 46th World Hospital Congress came to a close today in Lisbon (Portugal) with a ceremony to hand over hosting duties for  the 47th World Hospital Congress to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2024.   The Congress is the premier event for global leaders and decision-makers in the healthcare community. It returned to Lisbon for the first time since...Read more