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2014 10 Feb

iConnect Enterprise Archive and iConnect Access to deliver real‐time clinical data and enable seamless integration of critical patient information across various care settings Merge Healthcare Incorporated, a leading provider of innovative enterprise imaging, interoperability and clinical systems that seek to advance healthcare, has announced...Read more

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2014 29 Apr

More than 19,000 clinicians across the entire country of Denmark will have quick, easy access to medical reference material via state-of-the-art clinical search engine  Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has announced Denmark’s decision to provide access to Elsevier’s ClinicalKey...Read more

Executive Health Management


2014 16 Jun

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has come to an agreement about its policy pertaining to the publication of clinical trial data, which will allow the agency to proactively share study results that are submitted with applications for marketing authorisation. The policy will enable academic and non-commercial researchers to download, save and print...Read more

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2017 29 May

Increasing use of EHRs makes them a valuable source of important clinical data. Currently, three large academic medical centres in the U.S. are working with Google to explore how the company’s machine learning technology can be used to spot patterns in EHRs. "Machine learning is mature enough to start accurately predicting medical events – such as...Read more

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2018 29 Aug

Data sharing is still not very common in the field of clinical research compared to other fields such as genetics, astronomy or physics. However, data sharing could be useful keeping in mind the patient-centred nature of medical research as well as the expectation that clinical data could provide benefit to all stakeholders.  The process of...Read more

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2019 25 Oct

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2019 10 Apr

A new initiative launched by the ACR Data Science Institute aims to empower radiologists to develop artificial intelligence ( AI ) algorithms at their own institutions, with the use of their own patient data, t o meet their own clinical needs . The institute's ACR AI-LAB™ is a data science toolkit designed to help radiologists l earn...Read more

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2021 25 May

POSTPONED TO 2021 DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS  NEW DATES 25-26 MAY, 2021 Find Arena OCT Events on Social Media Read more

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2020 18 Feb

Sepsis continues to be a leading cause of death in hospitalised patients. Approximately 1.7 million individuals develop sepsis each year in the US and of these, around 270,000 die from the infection. Sepsis affects nearly 30 million patients worldwide and nearly 6 million die from sepsis each year. Billions of dollars are required to manage sepsis,...Read more

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2020 09 Nov

With the advent of pharmacogenomics, machine learning research is well underway to predict the patients' drug response that varies by individual from the algorithms derived from previously collected data on drug responses. Entering high-quality learning data that can reflect a person's drug response as much as possible is the starting point for improving...Read more

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2022 24 Apr

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2022 09 Nov

An overview of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and how EHR tools could mark a new era in healthcare interoperability and be a valuable source of patient data for clinical trials. Key Points Clinical data exchange is crucial for patient treatment and clinical trials. EHR tools that communicate without barriers could mark a new era in healthcare...Read more