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2019 27 Mar

The latest findings from the AVATAR-AF trial presented at EHRA 2019, a European Society of Cardiology (ESC) congress, suggest that a catheter ablation procedure that includes only the bare essentials and delivers the same outcomes can slash waiting lists for atrial fibrillation patients. Researchers claim the simplified protocol could enable 30% more...Read more

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2018 06 Feb

The findings of the eight-year CASTLE-AF clinical trial provide strong data on the safety and efficacy of catheter ablation in treating atrial fibrillation (AF), which can cause heart failure. The trial showed radiofrequency catheter ablation lowered hospitalisation and mortality rates by 47 and 44 percent, respectively, in AF patients. The study,...Read more

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2017 04 Jun

According to cardiologists from NewYork-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine, a new imaging technique should be more widely adopted by physicians to treat atrial fibrillation as it limits or eliminates patients' exposure to radiation. The article is published in Heart Rhythm. The specialists believe that the primary obstacle to the widespread...Read more

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2017 23 Jan

More than half of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) become asymptomatic after catheter ablation, according to the largest study of the procedure published in European Heart Journal. The article details the in-hospital and one-year outcomes and management of 3,630 AF patients treated with catheter ablation in Europe, the Middle East and North...Read more

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2015 08 Jul

Common extra heartbeats that occur in the ventricles, or premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), could predict heart failure and even death, according to researchers at UC San Francisco. The research is based on more than a decade of investigation of 1,139 participants from the national Cardiovascular Health Study. “We cannot exclude the possibility...Read more

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2014 12 Mar

As the first hospital in Illinois, the Loyola University Medical Center offers a new high-tech catheter device able to improve outcomes of patients treated for atrial fibrillation, the most common irregular heartbeat. The treatment, entitled catheter ablation, involves burning selected spots of tissue inside the heart with the tip of a catheter,...Read more

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2014 19 Feb

Treatment using electrical energy, opposed to medications, could be a viable first option for the treatment of certain type of Atrial Fibrillation  According to a study published in the February 19 issue of JAMA, treatment with electrical energy (radiofrequency ablation) administered to patients with untreated paroxysmal (intermittent) atrial...Read more

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2014 11 Feb

Cardiology experts discuss studies showing time as an important factor in the treatment of heart conditions Experts in cardiology and electrophysiology met at this year’s 8th annual EMB (Expert Meeting Berlin) Conference to discuss critical issues affecting their fields.  Among the topics addressed were: How can remote monitoring and early...Read more

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2014 05 Feb

Heart tissue scarring measured non-invasively may help in  determining patients most suitable for procedure to treat irregular heart beat According to a study published in the February 5 issue of Jama  scarring of tissue in the upper chamber of the heart (atrium) was associated with recurrent rhythm disorder after treatment.   Left atrial...Read more