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Cardiovascular Realities 2020: Time to Act Now

2020 30 Nov

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of mortality in Europe, and World Health Organization (WHO) heart disease goals will not be achieved by 2025 unless urgent action is taken, according to the finding of a European Society of Cardiology (ESC) report. " Cardiovascular Realities 2020 " is a compendium of the latest statistics on cardiovascular... Read more

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New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference - NCVH 2020

2020 28 Jul

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS NEW DATES: JULY 28-31, 2020 Find NCVH on Social Media   Read more

Cardiology Management

COVID-19 Clinical Guidance for Cardiovascular Care

2020 09 Mar

As COVID-19 evolves into a public health emergency, experts suggest that cardiovascular health should be prioritised in patients with comorbidities and cardiovascular care teams should be extra vigilant to ensure containment, mitigation and quick response.  The coronavirus epidemic was first reported in December 2019 and has become a global pandemic.... Read more

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Acute Cardiovascular Care 2020

2020 07 Mar

CANCELLED Find ESC on Social Media     Read more

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Precision health and population health: can they intersect effectively?

2019 22 May

How and where can precision medicine and public health join forces to improve patient care and outcomes and, ultimately, lead to more efficient healthcare. spoke to four precision medicine experts for their views. You might also like: Precision Medicine: the future of health   Tienush Rassaf  Department Head... Read more

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Meetbaar Beter: Value-Based Healthcare for Heart Patients

2017 16 Feb

Introduction   Meetbaar Beter (En: Measurably Better) is a doctor-driven and patient-focused initiative with strong scientific roots that aims to improve the transparency and quality of cardiovascular care in the Netherlands.   Meetbaar Beter has become an international best practice in the implementation of value-based healthcare (VBHC). The... Read more

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Value in Cardiology

2017 16 Feb

Is value in cardiology well understood?   When we consider value we are focused on improving quality and lowering costs. In cardiology we have a long history in the development and implementation of quality measures. The American College of Cardiology (ACC) has been a leader in the development of quality measures, practice guidelines and appropriate... Read more