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Researchers find Cell that Replenishes Heart Muscle

2015 28 Jun

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified a cell that replenishes adult heart muscle by using a new cell lineage-tracing technique. The study is published online in Nature . Most cardiomyocytes don’t replenish themselves after a heart attack or other significant heart muscle damage but these researchers have identified a cell... Read more

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First 6 Months Best for Stimulating Heart Growth

2015 06 May

A Boston Children's Hospital study, published in Science Translational Medicine , shows that the first six months of life is the best time to stimulate heart muscle cell regeneration (cardiomyocyte proliferation). "Our results suggest that early administration of neuregulin may provide a targeted and multipronged approach to prevent heart failure... Read more

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Long-Term Use of LVADs Induces Heart Muscle Regeneration

2015 24 Jan

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found that long-term use of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) by patients with heart failure may induce regeneration of heart muscle by preventing oxidative damage to a cell-regulator mechanism. Their study appears online in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology . The study looked... Read more

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Heart-Defect Patch Features Carbon Nanotubes

2014 27 Sep

Researchers at Rice University and Texas Children’s Hospital (TX, USA) have developed paediatric heart-defect patches with carbon nanotubes that enhance electrical connections between cells. The patches are made of a sponge-like bioscaffold that contains microscopic pores and mimics the body’s extracellular matrix. They are infused with conductive single-walled... Read more