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Smartphone app helps veterans engage in home-based cardiac rehab

2018 13 Aug

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is recommended for patients with coronary heart disease; however, participation among veterans remains poor. Results of a new study show the feasibility of a smartphone-enabled, home-based CR for secondary prevention in veterans with heart disease. The technology-based intervention is associated with moderate to high... Read more

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Cardiac Rehabilitation Underutilised by Clinicians

2017 22 Aug

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is a valuable treatment for a broad spectrum of patients with heart disease. Its use is supported by a robust body of research demonstrating improvements in cardiopulmonary fitness, psychological factors, and quality of life and reductions in morbidity and mortality. Despite this evidence, the value of CR is underappreciated... Read more

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Cardiac Rehabilitation: The Missing Link to Close Chain of Survival?

2017 31 Jan

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most common condition underlying out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Since the burden of CVD parallels that of cardiac arrest and both share risk factors, multidimensional approaches to tackle CVD are required. In this regard, cardiac rehabilitation could be an essential pillar of secondary prevention, perhaps the “missing... Read more

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Cardiac Rehab: One Size Does Not Fit All

2016 28 Jun

Researchers at Toronto Rehab have discovered a new approach to determine which patient populations benefit most from cardiac rehabilitation. The study is published in the  Journal of Clinical Epidemiology ,.  During the study, the researchers found that frail, older adults with multiple illnesses and higher baseline risk factors including hypertension... Read more

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PICS-AICS 2017 / Pediatric and Adult Interventional Cardiac Symposium

2017 16 Jan

PICS~AICS 2017 will be at Loews Miami Beach on January 16-19, 2017. This year we are fully committed to ensuring the meeting maintains its clinical focus with addition of taped cases to sessions on both congenital and structural heart disease, as well as live case demonstrations from around the globe. Read more

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Small, Local Cardiac Rehab Centres Equally Effective

2015 17 Nov

According to new research from the University of York, smaller and more localised cardiac rehabilitation (CR) centres are as effective as larger ones. The study is funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and is published in Open Heart .  This is the first study of its kind and was conducted by researchers in the Cardiovascular Health Research... Read more