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Cardiology Management

2024 14 Jun

  Physicists at Tampere University have developed a new computational method to estimate the risk of sudden cardiac death from a one-minute heart rate measurement at rest. This study was a collaborative effort between experts in cardiology and computational physics, who developed the method using time series analysis.    Sudden cardiac death...Read more

Cardiology Management

2017 01 Aug

Amidst increasing evidence showing that the risk of death is higher after stent postdilation is performed in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), an opinion piece in The American Journal of Cardiology warns against unnecessary use of postdilation in ACS patients. The article, written by a team of Chinese researchers from Wuhan University...Read more

Cardiology Management

2015 20 Jul

According to a study published in the Journal of Physiology , sudden cardiac death caused by cardiac arrhythmia can be triggered by changes in body temperature.  Sudden cardiac death can have several causes including inheritable mutations in our DNA affecting structure and function of proteins in the heart. During the study, Simon Fraser University...Read more

ICU Management

2015 07 Apr

A new laboratory study by the University of Michigan Medical School has shown that, in the moments just before death, a storm of brain activity erupting as the heart deteriorates can play a surprising destabilising role in heart function. “Despite the loss of consciousness and absence of signs of life, internally the brain exhibits sustained, organised...Read more

Cardiology Management

2014 31 Dec

A new technology, developed by Antonio Aguilar, and patented by the Galway Hospital in Ireland, is being used to predict cardiac events in people at risk of sudden cardiac death. The cardiologists at the hospital used the technology in 2013 to diagnose and test its accuracy. They are now in the process of prototyping and marketing the software....Read more

Cardiology Management

2014 15 Dec

Sudden cardiac death during sports has long been a source of concern for heart specialists. Cardiac arrest has been known to occur out of the blue in young, apparently healthy and athletic people. Last week, 250 of the world’s leading specialists met in Berlin at the 6th EURO VT/VF meeting to share their experiences and discuss new approaches...Read more