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2016 05 Jan

Precision in medicine is a popular notion: precision to target an individual, precision to target a tumour, precision to target a molecule within a tumour. On occasion, this notion of precision no doubt evokes a crude analogy with images of the laser-guided missiles of war. As with modern warfare waged on any enemy, the war on cancer will use precision...Read more

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2015 30 Dec

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2015 23 Mar

With multiple lung cancer screening trials happening around the world, there is growing concern about the high number of early repeat scans for findings which turn out to be non-cancerous. Results from a European trail of lung cancer screening reveals that recall rates fall after the first annual screening, and highlights the importance of having a...Read more

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2015 04 Mar

A report that presents results “substantially contrary to previous findings” suggests that cancer mortality rates in the United States have only modestly decreased since 1970, even with significant spending on cancer treatment. Compared to Western European countries, the US spent more money, but did not save more lives. Furthermore, the cancer deaths...Read more

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2015 04 Feb

On World Cancer Day 2015, leading global public health experts from the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) announce that millions of lives can be saved through affordable increases in the investment into cancer services throughout the world, to tackle the increase in cancer cases through population growth and ageing, particularly in developing...Read more

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2014 07 Feb

Currently being developed by University of Washington scientists and engineers, a novel, credit-card sized, low cost device could assist pathologists in their analysis of biopsies and the subsequent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in an earlier and faster manner than ever before.  The prototype is able to conduct basic steps required for processing...Read more

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2014 04 Feb

Today is World Cancer Day 2014 and COCIR, the non-profit trade association of the European Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry,  wants to take this opportunity to raise awareness of what our sector is contributing to the fight against cancer by providing solutions for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of this devastating,...Read more

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2014 04 Feb

Cancer Myths: Why it’s Crucial to Debunk Them With one third of all cancer cases being potentially preventable, it’s very important to know the signs and symptoms of cancer  4th February 2014 is World Cancer Day, an opportunity for the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to raise one voice in improving general knowledge surrounding...Read more