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Digital Mammography Lowers Recall and Biopsy Rates

2014 07 Apr

Findings of a new study associate population-based screening with full-field digital mammography (FFDM) with lower recall and biopsy rates than screen film mammography (SFM).  The research, conducted by Solveig Hofvind, PhD, Cancer Registry of Norway and Oslo University College, in Oslo, Norway, and published online in the journal Radiology,... Read more

Data: Seno Medical Instruments’ Imagio® Might Eliminate Breast Biopsy Need

2014 21 Mar

Two separate analyses of Feasibility Study data presented at the European Congress of Radiology 2014 Seno Medical Instruments, Inc., the company pioneering development of opto-acoustic (OA) imaging as a tool to improve the process of diagnosing breast cancer, has announced that two analyses of outcomes from a US Feasibility Study of its investigational... Read more

VuCOMP Computer-Aided Mammography Detection Installed at Baptist Health

2014 11 Mar

VuCOMP, Inc. has announced the installation of both the M-Vu Breast Density and M-Vu CAD (Computer-Aided Detection) for Mammography throughout Baptist Health imaging centers in Jacksonville, Florida.   VuCOMP’s Breast Density and CAD systems are designed to provide an unprecedented level of performance to help radiologists find breast cancer... Read more

Breast Density: Why Women Need to Know

2014 08 Mar

Interviewee Dr. Nancy Cappello, Ph.D. Executive Director and Founder Are You Dense, Inc & Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. Woodbury, CT USA [email protected]   Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor HealthManagement   Further information... Read more

ECR 2014: Volumetric Breast Imaging Provides Data For Screening Dense Breasts

2014 28 Feb

Seven Abstracts Accepted for Presentation at ECR Demonstrate Benefit of Volumetric Breast Care Imaging and Analytics Data The ability of volumetric breast imaging data to provide actionable intelligence to guide screening of women with dense breasts with 2D and 3D mammography are among the key abstracts accepted for presentation at the European... Read more

Canadian study: Annual Screening Does Not Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths

2014 13 Feb

According to a new Canadian study published on the website of the British Medical Journal, yearly breast screening of women aged 40-59 does not reduce mortality from breast cancer beyond that of physical examination or usual care.  In addition, screening resulted in over-diagnosis (22%), representing one over-diagnosed breast cancer for every... Read more