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2015 14 Jul

Scientists at the research Institute MIRA at the University of Twente in the Netherlands have developed PAMmograph, a new technique to detect breast cancer. PAMmography is based on the physical principle of photoacoustics and uses short bursts of light that cause ultrasonic waves to be generated in places with high density of blood vessels. Details...Read more

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2015 11 Jul

Norway's Breast Cancer Screening Programme has come under closer scrutiny following new research showing that the screening results in overdiagnosis — for every life saved by the screening programme, five women are overdiagnosed and treated unnecessarily. The findings are based on a study conducted by the Research Council of Norway — upon...Read more

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2015 07 Sep

The LRCB annually organises an international training programme in Digital Breast Cancer Screening in cooperation with the EUSOBI.  An important part of this 5-day course is the hands-on training sessions in which participants individually read about 900 screening examinations. At the end of each session, there will be an interactive discussion with...Read more

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2015 10 Jun

A major international study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine , shows that women aged 50-69 years who attend mammography screening decrease their risk of dying from breast cancer by 40 percent compared to women who are not screened. The latest findings were coordinated by the International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC), the...Read more

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2015 13 May

According to a new study published in Radiology , MRI can provide important information about a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. The findings suggest that MRI can play an expanded role in breast cancer screening and prevention. Previous studies show that dense breast tissue is associated with an increased likelihood of breast cancer development....Read more

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2015 05 May

VuCOMP, Inc., leading developer of advanced computer vision systems for the detection of breast cancer, announced today that it has sold its M-Vu Breast Density software to iCAD, Inc. The purchase and sale agreement includes the transfer of the breast density technology and associated service contracts, but does not include the computer-aided detection...Read more

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2015 23 Apr

Researchers at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) claim that a new "breast cancer risk analysis system" is on track to predict if and when breast cancer will appear. Although not yet complete, the computer-aided detection system has proved successful in early studies — with an accuracy of 70 percent when it came to predicting which women would...Read more

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2015 22 Apr

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has declined to expand its recommendations on which women should receive regular mammography screening. It has instead issued a draft of new screening guidelines that are tilted towards its conservative guidance from 2009. Similar to the 2009 recommendations, the new guidelines advise that women in...Read more

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2015 08 Apr

A study published this week in Health Affairs reports that the US spends an estimated $4 billion per year on unnecessary medical expenditures for women between the ages of 40 and 59 who see their doctors for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The costs are related to mammograms that generate false alarms ($2.8 billion) and treatment for some...Read more

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2015 01 Mar

Cancer screening of women with dense breast tissue is a subject of great interest to both the medical community and the mass media. In many studies, dense parenchyma has been shown to reduce the sensitivity of mammography to half that of fatty breasts. About 40 percent of women 40 years of age or older have dense breast tissue, which makes supplemental...Read more

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2015 26 Feb

The amount of clinical proof for the efficacy of Tomosynthesis in screening is significantly larger than the proof available in the early days of the transition from analog mammography to FFDM.  Results from studies in Europe using Tomosynthesis in population based screening and results from screening with Tomosynthesis in the USA are concordant...Read more

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2014 19 Dec

According to a new study from UVA Cancer Center, breast density can help better predict women's risk for breast cancer. The study was presented during the 2014 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. The findings suggest that including breast density as part of risk models for breast cancer could help support the development of personalised risk...Read more

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2014 21 Nov

Incorporating Volumetric Breast Density and Imaging Performance Analytics in Quality Assurance Studies Volpara Solutions is proud to announce that the Cancer Registry of Norway will expand the study of Volpara’s innovative suite of quantitative breast imaging software tools to now include seven of the 16 screening sites in the Norwegian Breast Cancer...Read more

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2014 02 Oct

Researchers: fully-automated volumetric methods are valid alternatives to measure mammographic breast density and predict breast cancer risk The accurate measurement of mammographic density offers the potential to improve breast cancer risk prediction and to tailor screening protocols according to risk, according to a study published in Breast Cancer...Read more

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2014 04 Sep

The European market is evolving for innovative, multi-modality imaging systems which can accurately and efficiently detect breast cancer. With the expansion of the cohort of women 40 years of age and older, the typical population targeted by national screening programs, rates will continue to rise both for screening and diagnosis. As such, the need...Read more

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2014 05 Aug

The value of mammography screening in older women has been much debated over the last few years. While the American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms in women 75 or older, the US Preventive Services Task Force does not support this recommendation and believes that there is insufficient evidence with respect to its benefits and harm. It is...Read more

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2014 18 Jul

A national standard to report breast tissue composition moves forward as federal legislation to standardise breast density reporting is introduced in the senate and house. Senator Diane Feinstein of California and Senator Kelley Ayotte of New Hampshire introduce bi-partisan legislation to standardise the communication of dense breast tissue...Read more

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2014 19 Jun

Researchers at the University of Texas in Dallas (UTD) have found that breast cancer diagnoses can be improved when radiologists consider a patient’s statistically-weighted risk profile while examining her mammogramme. The new approach should result in a reduction of missed diagnoses and false positives. The study was presented this week at the Advances...Read more

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2014 18 Jun

PinkDrive, South Africa’s first mobile mammography units implement PowerServer PACS for their "Early Detection Save Lives" breast cancer program. PinkDrive, a non-profit organisation dependent on donations, reached out to Bidvest in efforts to provide free mammography screening to rural areas where women can’t afford to go see doctors. They...Read more

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2014 16 May

Integration with InteleViewer provides an alternative to deploying dedicated breast imaging workstations Intelerad Medical Systems, a leader in medical imaging PACS, RIS and workflow solutions, has announced the launch of their Tomosynthesis Module. Integrated directly into Intelerad’s InteleViewer, the module eliminates the need for dedicated...Read more

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2014 14 May

New software developed in Spain will help physicians assess breast cancer risk by quantifying breast density, a known risk factor for the disease. Researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València, in collaboration with the Instituto de Salud Carlos III  and the Foundation for the Health and Biomedical Research of the Comunitat Valenciana...Read more

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2014 06 May

VuComp, Inc. will exhibit its new, automated breast density measurement technology, M-Vu Breast Density, at the American College of Radiology (ACR) 36th National Conference on Breast Cancer (NCBC) from May 8-10 at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. Clinical studies have shown that dense breasts can make breast cancer detection in a mammogram more...Read more

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2014 02 May

Millions of women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer; but early detection and treatment are among the most effective ways to overcome cancer and live life to the fullest.    Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. and the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) have announced a collaboration that will extend the work of Fujifilm’s Images...Read more

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2014 25 Apr

The Vrije Universiteit Brussels has awarded a five-year contract to the IT and medical technology company Sectra for the supply of a breast imaging PACS (system for handling diagnostic images for mammography).  By providing instant access to images including relevant patient history, Sectra’s solution will allow the hospital to improve the quality...Read more

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2014 17 Apr

Carestream’s Vue PACS workstation enhances productivity by allowing users to read digital breast modalities and general radiology exams from a single desktop Carestream will be a panel participant in a session on “Problems and Solutions in Breast Tomosynthesis” to be held during the 2014 meeting of SIIM (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine). ...Read more

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2014 16 Apr

Automated breast density measurement technology adds critical dimension to the analysis of breast density beyond volume alone: identifying dense tissue in the breast that could mask cancer and taking into account dispersion of fibroglandular tissue VuCOMP, Inc. has announced the release of an updated version of its M-Vu Breast Density.  The...Read more

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2014 07 Apr

Findings of a new study associate population-based screening with full-field digital mammography (FFDM) with lower recall and biopsy rates than screen film mammography (SFM).  The research, conducted by Solveig Hofvind, PhD, Cancer Registry of Norway and Oslo University College, in Oslo, Norway, and published online in the journal Radiology,...Read more

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2014 21 Mar

Two separate analyses of Feasibility Study data presented at the European Congress of Radiology 2014 Seno Medical Instruments, Inc., the company pioneering development of opto-acoustic (OA) imaging as a tool to improve the process of diagnosing breast cancer, has announced that two analyses of outcomes from a US Feasibility Study of its investigational...Read more

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2014 11 Mar

VuCOMP, Inc. has announced the installation of both the M-Vu Breast Density and M-Vu CAD (Computer-Aided Detection) for Mammography throughout Baptist Health imaging centers in Jacksonville, Florida.   VuCOMP’s Breast Density and CAD systems are designed to provide an unprecedented level of performance to help radiologists find breast cancer...Read more

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2014 08 Mar

Interviewee Dr. Nancy Cappello, Ph.D. Executive Director and Founder Are You Dense, Inc & Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. Woodbury, CT USA [email protected]   Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor HealthManagement   Further information...Read more