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Computer Programme Outperforms Physicians at Cancer Diagnoses

2016 20 Sep

We've all seen computer programmes defeat humans in Chess, Jeopardy and other similar games but now a programme has outperformed physicians at brain cancer diagnoses. Developed at Case Western Reserve University, this computer programme turned out to be twice as accurate as two neuroradiologists in determining whether abnormal tissue on MRI were... Read more

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New Imaging Tool Could Make Brain Tumour Removal Safer

2015 19 Jun

Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a way of using a different imaging technology, called optical coherence tomography (OCT), that could provide surgeons with a colour-coded map of a patient's brain showing which areas are and are not cancer. This innovation is expected to make surgical removal of tumours in the brain safer and more effective.... Read more

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Gene Interaction Discovery Could Lead to New Brain Cancer Therapies

2015 14 Jan

Scientists have identified a new target for future brain cancer therapies, based on a newly discovered interaction between proteins. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Massey Cancer Center and the VCU Institute for Molecular Medicine (VIMM) observed that two genes, AEG-1 and Akt2, which are individually present in many types of cancer,... Read more