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IT Management

Patient Mattress Minimises Contact Pressure Damage

2014 01 Nov

A new patient support system developed by Joerns Healthcare (Pershore, UK) simulates the effects of a body floating in fluid, redistributing pressure and weight to prevent damage to skin and other tissues. The result is that the patient is in a simulated fluid environment and suspended in a nearly neutral buoyant state, as if floating on the mattress,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Report Highlights Entrapment Gaps in Hospital Beds

2014 04 Aug

A recent report published in the online journal Age and Ageing outlines the findings from a survey of beds within a large teaching hospital in Ireland. The findings show that many beds in the hospital did not comply with the dimensional standards that have been put in place in order to minimise the risk of entrapment. The report highlights the need... Read more