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ICU Management

Study highlights complexity of drug pharmacokinetics in septic patients

2018 17 Jul

Augmented renal clearance (ARC) is commonly observed in septic patients and may result in insufficient β-lactam serum concentrations. In a new study, researchers evaluated potential correlations between drug concentrations or total body clearance of β-lactam antibiotics and measured creatinine clearance. They found that specific pharmacokinetic... Read more

ICU Management

Augmented renal clearance: the need for guidelines

2018 22 Feb

Renal function in critically ill patients has been routinely assessed with the objective of detecting renal impairment and adjusting drug doses. Although augmented renal clearance (ARC) has also been identified in intensive care unit (ICU) patients, ARC is a less well-studied phenomenon that could lead to faster elimination of drugs. A new systematic... Read more