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Gene Testing to Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes

2022 21 Jun

New recommendations published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology highlight the use of gene testing to prevent sudden cardiac death in athletes and enable safe exercise.  The new guidelines focus on the athletes who should be tested and when they should be tested. It is also recommended that the athletes who undergo genetic testing... Read more

Nutritional Supplements Pose Risks to the Heart

2022 01 Feb

A recent statement by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) warns that nutritional supplements taken to boost athletic performance can pose risks to the heart.  “Nutritional supplements are commonly viewed as risk-free substances that may improve performance, Some nutritional supplements, including various plant and ‘natural’ extracts, may pose... Read more

Resuming Sport and Exercise After COVID-19 Infection

2020 13 Jun

Public health officials, together with clinicians, are charged with the duty of formulating policy guidelines for the public to return to work. Professional sports is one of the earliest and hardest hit industries. Many athletes were infected with COVID-19, and we know that in addition to high rates of morbidity and mortality, COVID-19 produces severe... Read more

Focus on Sports Imaging for International Day of Radiology

2019 03 Oct

The pursuit of excellence by athletes in different sports has its bad side, as long hours of training and practice take a toll on their bodies and health. Luckily, imaging plays an increasingly important diagnostic role in sports medicine . You might also like: Imaging Plays a Key Role in Evaluating Injuries at the Olympics Some of the... Read more

CPSDA Annual Conference 2019

2019 20 May

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Participation in Competitive Sports Okay for Athletes with ICD

2017 11 Jun

Findings from a four-year study of athletes with implantable defibrillators (ICDs) confirms that competitive sports may be okay for many of these athletes. The findings are published in the journal Circulation. ICDs are commonly used in patients with arrhythmia. The American Heart Association issued a scientific statement in 2015 advising that participating... Read more

Reducing Sudden Cardiac Death During Sports

2014 15 Dec

Sudden cardiac death during sports has long been a source of concern for heart specialists. Cardiac arrest has been known to occur out of the blue in young, apparently healthy and athletic people. Last week, 250 of the world’s leading specialists met in Berlin at the 6th EURO VT/VF meeting to share their experiences and discuss new approaches... Read more