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ICU Management

2024 30 May

Bloodstream infections significantly impact morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs despite advancements in critical care and antimicrobial strategies. Prompt assessment and source control, as recommended by the Surviving Sepsis Campaign, are important to improve outcomes for severe sepsis and septic shock patients. Timely source control is crucial...Read more

ICU Management

2016 06 Dec

The International Sepsis Forum (ISF) is a non-profit organization, focused on improving the management of sepsis through educational efforts. A council of international experts and opinion leaders heads the ISF and drives all its activities. The ISF provides international consensus on the latest understanding of key scientific and clinical issues through...Read more

ICU Management

2016 10 Mar

German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina  founded in 1652, the Leopoldina brings together some 1,500 outstanding scientists from about 30 countries. It is dedicated to the advancement of science for the benefit of humankind and to shaping a better future. In its role as the German National Academy of Sciences, the Leopoldina represents the German...Read more

Pharmacy Management

2014 08 Oct

According to a recent survey, approximately 50 percent of hospitalised patients were receiving antimicrobial drugs and around half of these patients were receiving two or more antimicrobial drugs. In majority of the cases, the antimicrobial had been prescribed for infection treatment. However, based on factors such as lack of indication or incorrect...Read more