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2014 22 Sep

When the Healthcare Analytics Summit  (HAS) convenes on 24 September in Salt Lake City, one of the keynote speakers will be Glenn D. Steele Jr, MD, PhD. The theme of the 2014 conference is "Transforming Healthcare Through Analytics”. Dr. Steele will address the audience on the topic of how his company uses data analysis to improve healthcare delivery....Read more

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2014 30 Oct

Intelerad Medical Systems™, the medical imaging PACS, RIS and workflow solutions company, has announced the launch of their Performance and  Quality Suite, which provides imaging enterprises with a set of key Intelerad modules designed to improve operational performance and diagnostic standards.   “We’re often told by customers that remaining competitive...Read more

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2015 17 Jan

Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) has earned a Stage 7 award by HIMSS Analytics, and will be recognised at the Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois in April 2015. The award recognises hospitals which implement and utilise information technology to achieve an advanced electronic medical record (EMR) environment. “Eliminating...Read more

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2015 28 Jan

Midas+, a subsidiary of Connecticut-based Xerox, is combining its vast data resources with five years of Medicare and claims data to help hospitals better predict readmissions. With this new system, known as Midas+ Readmission Penalty Forecaster, a hospital can get a much more accurate prediction or “near real-time” information on both patient patterns...Read more

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2015 14 Mar

Patient engagement and population health were among the highest rated issues of importance in a recent survey of hospital decision makers about their facilities’ IT purchase intentions for the year ahead. However, most leaders are uncertain of their approach or vendor(s) of choice. Furthermore, only 25 percent of hospitals said they planned a data...Read more

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2015 18 Mar

A study which assessed the relationship between social media and healthcare quality evaluations reveals that hospital ratings submitted by patients and consumers via social media, such as Facebook’s five-star system, accurately reflect patient satisfaction and care quality as measured by readmission rates. The finding that feedback from user-generated...Read more

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2015 30 Mar

An entrepreneur has raised $7 million from investors to expand a predictive analytics software platform for hospitals and large surgical centres. Rich Krueger, CEO of Patient Route Systems, said in a recent interview with MedCity News that the goal of the predictive analytics tool is to help analysts and department heads within health systems to detect...Read more

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2015 10 May

Cleveland Clinic in the U.S. is the latest health care organisation to make its analytic algorithms available on Apervita. This will enable other health providers to use this knowledge to improve outcomes. The Apervita platform enables organizations to author, publish and subscribe to a range of analytical tools, quality and safety measure, pathways...Read more

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2015 26 May

MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper and Polaris Health Directions have teamed up for a project to help those with breast cancer deal with behavioural health issues. The project will rely on the Apple Watch to track behavioural data in real time that could help refine patients' treatment regimens. The plan is to equip some 30 breast cancer patients...Read more

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2015 23 Jun

As hospitals and health systems navigate the journey from volume- to value-based health care, 3M Health Information Systems is applying the analytic power of its extensive clinical and claims database to help providers assess the costs, outcomes and effectiveness of care delivery. The new 3M Health System Performance Suite offers advanced analytic...Read more

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2015 28 Jun

Google's latest gadget, a sensor-packed wristband, is designed to help medical professionals track vital signs of patients during clinical trials and drug tests. Developed by Google X, the search giant's life sciences research division, the new wristband can measure pulse, heart rhythm and skin temperature, and also other things such as light exposure...Read more

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2015 04 Nov

FROM BIG DATA TO SMARTER CARE: WHAT, WHY & HOW Healthcare is undergoing a massive transformation. That’s no secret. Reimbursement is shrinking, providers are being asked to shoulder more risk, and patients are more involved in their care than ever. The ability to use analytics to transform data into actionable information – smarter business and...Read more

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2015 23 Aug

University of Washington Tacoma's "big data" experts collaborate with MultiCare Health System and Microsoft to improve outcomes for hospital patients with heart disease. This collaboration has led to the creation of a tool, Risk-o-Meter, that can help predict which heart failure patients would be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days after discharge....Read more

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2015 27 Dec

Amidst rising cost of supplies, healthcare organisations have turned their focus on improving supply chain management to help reduce overall costs, according to a new national survey commissioned by Cardinal Health. Reducing costs is an urgent goal as hospitals shift to value-based healthcare. The supply chain is the second largest expense for healthcare...Read more

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2016 04 Jan

Big data analytics is increasingly becoming more integral to the way health providers interact with patients. This trend is likely to continue, especially with expanding use of mHealth tools such as smartphone apps and wearable devices.    2015 may have been a big year for healthcare big data analytics, but the next 12 months are likely to bring even...Read more

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2016 27 Feb

X-ray, computed tomography, blood tests, genetic diagnostics, health apps and wearables: we are producing a whole host of health-related data. What opportunities and risks do “Big Data” provide for patients and their care? After increasing importance in the financial industry, logistics and production, Big Data and analytics have rapidly...Read more

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2017 22 Jun

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2017 28 Mar

Analytics, artificial intelligence, Big Data and machine learning are essential IT capabilities that can help healthcare organisations to compete and thrive in the next generation of healthcare, according to a health IT expert. Amid rising competition, skilled nursing facilities, home health, assisted living and long-term care organisations are looking...Read more

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2017 02 May

The Office of Inspector General at HHS is responsible for preserving the integrity of federal healthcare programmes. To help root out fraud and abuse in relation to these programmes, the OIG has increasingly relied on data analytics. With the use of analytics, investigators were able to uncover their biggest fraud scheme to date last year, charging...Read more

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2019 17 Mar

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2019 30 Jan

Needless to say, radiology plays a critical role in healthcare delivery. It is rare for a patient to pass through a hospital without requiring the opinion of a radiologist somewhere along their journey – be it in triaging patients in the ER , assessing the need for treatment, or evaluating the effectiveness of treatment.  Equally important is...Read more

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2019 13 Jun

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2020 09 Jan

The beginning of the year is the time to make predictions for the future. Let us take a look at what some major analysts expect to be happening in healthcare in 2020.’s Editors-in-Chief share an opinion that 2020 will be another year of radical change in healthcare. This coves areas such as innovative care models;...Read more

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2020 09 Mar

If you watched the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games in 2012, you will know that British people love their National Health Service (NHS) as much as they cherish Peter Pan, The Beatles and James Bond. The ceremony’s climax was an eccentric and poignant dance routine that celebrated the NHS’s special place in the nation’s heart....Read more

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2023 20 Sep

Experienced chief executive brings growth mindset,strong vision to Drug Discount Management solution leader Data infrastructure and analytics company Kalderos, creator of the world's first Drug Discount Management platform announced the appointment of longtime healthcare executive Angie Franks as chief executive officer. For more than 30...Read more