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IT Management

2020 13 Nov

An automated alert system that analyses electronic health records (EHR) can help identify high-risk in-hospital patients needing interventions by rapid response teams, resulting in decreased mortality, says a Kaiser Permanente-led study (Escobar et al. 2020).   You might also like: AI Tool Helps to Reduce COVID-19 Mortality  ...Read more

IMAGING Management

2016 09 Jan

An audit of communication of significant radiology findings reveals wide variation in practice across the UK with regard to the communication and monitoring of radiology reports, with many radiology departments/trusts not fully compliant with published UK guidance. Results of the audit are published in the journal Clinical Radiology . The imaging...Read more

IT Management

2015 17 Oct

Although computerised drug interaction alert systems (DIAS) appear useful for promoting medication safety, having to enter passwords to override alerts may represent an excessive burden for physicians and thereby increase "alert fatigue", according to a study published in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making . The results suggest that physicians’...Read more