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ICU Management

The Night in the ICU

2020 11 Aug

T hey say that in the world of the intensive care unit (ICU), there is no night. It can be qualified as a lesser day, but not really as a night. The hustle and bustle may be slower, patient flow and activity may be less, conversations may be negligible, and the staff on duty may be limited, but patient care continues, alarms are in place, and the... Read more

ICU Management

Noise in the intensive care unit: where does it come from and what can you do about it?

2019 30 May

Practical measures and interventions to reduce noise levels in the ICU and to improve the patient experience. The intensive care unit (ICU) is known to be noisy and is getting louder (Busch-Vishniac et al. 2007). Despite several trials, no interventions have been able to reduce noise levels by a meaningful amount (Li et al. 2011; Boyko... Read more