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Executive Health Management

Cash Cow Infographic

2019 13 Nov

An overview of healthcare industry revenue, growth and expenditures.  Read more

Executive Health Management

Anti-Ageing Therapies: From Basic Science to Human Application

2019 02 Oct

Summary: At the turn of the twenty-first century, our understanding of the biology of ageing has fundamentally changed thanks to major preclinical breakthroughs, which revived age-old aspirations for eternal youth. However, how close are we, in reality, to achieving this in humans? Background Nowadays, the average human lifespan... Read more

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ELDEX: Eldercare Exhibition & Conference Asia 2019

2019 08 Nov

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Executive Health Management

5th Annual MENA Health Insurance Congress

2019 01 Oct

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Executive Health Management

Revitalising the aged heart through spermidine-rich diet

2019 22 Feb

Stringent dietary adjustments, albeit effective in delaying ageing, are not attractive to the majority of people. Thus, pharmaceuticals or natural substances that mimic caloric restriction, like spermidine, are emerging as an alternative and feasible strategy to promote healthy ageing.   Background   We are in an era of artificial intelligence,... Read more

Executive Health Management

ESCCA 2019

2019 18 Sep

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Health Management

Volume 19 - Issue 1, 2019

2019 21 Jan

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Executive Health Management

Encouraging health app use with seniors

2019 21 Jan

Prevention, patient autonomy and use of digital goods A digital health coaching platform offers sustainable support of the elderly population to improve their mental, emotional and physical fitness. The German healthcare system is still one of the  best in the world. Nevertheless, for many years the contribution of healthcare... Read more

ICU Management

Redefining the role of hospitals - innovating in population health

2018 21 Aug

The 27th EAHM Congress looks at providing healthcare to a changing population and adapting to digitisation With the 27th European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) Congress being held in Cascais, Lisbon at the end of September, HealthManagement interviews Alexandre Lourenço, President of hosting organisation, the Portuguese Association... Read more