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Cardiology Management

#ESCCongress: RAPID-TnT Study Shows Reduction in Wait Times and Admissions

2019 04 Sep

10% of the 7 million emergency department cases in South Australia each year are from suspected acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Led by Prof. Derek Chew of Flinders University, a new trial found a new troponin regime which could reduce discharge times for 70% of chest pain patients in Australian emergency departments. Findings were presented at the ESC... Read more

ICU Management

Study: More than Half of ICU Admissions May Be Inappropriate

2016 27 Dec

More than half the patients admitted to a Los Angeles ICU could have been cared for in more appropriate settings, according to a research letter published today in JAMA Internal Medicine . Corresponding author, Dong W. Chang, MD, told ICU Management & Practice in an email that while these results are likely to vary among hospitals, the issue of... Read more

IT Management

Population Health: Cutting Admissions and Readmissions

2016 11 Jul

Health Affairs has reported that population health programmes set up to reduce hospital admissions may also cut readmissions. Following a study into Medicare data from 2010 and 2013 on changes in rates of admission and readmission, researchers found a strong link between a low  30-day number of admission and readmission rates. This was in spite of... Read more

ICU Management

ESA2016: Who Benefits from Intensive Care?

2016 14 Jun

When patients and families are increasingly questioning clinical decisions, facts are important when it comes to admitting patients to intensive care. It is vital that critical care physicians have good knowledge of the important prognostic indicators, and use them as foundations for their decisions to admit, said Saxon Ridley, from Glan Clwyd Hospital... Read more

ICU Management

Better Management of ICU Beds

2015 27 Jul

An article published in Health Care Management Science describes how a new mathematical simulation model can help an intensive care unit (ICU) manage bed occupancy more effectively. The new mathematical model makes it possible to predict ICU bed occupancy with more accuracy — compared to other methods previously used for this purpose — by providing... Read more

ICU Management

Readmission in Urologic Surgery Patients

2015 23 May

A new study has found that patients who underwent elective major urologic surgery were twice as likely as other surgical patients to be readmitted to the surgical intensive care unit (SICU). The most common cause of readmission was respiratory compromise, according to the study presented at the American Urological Association annual meeting. The study... Read more

Executive Health Management

Looking Beyond Hospitals: Readmissions Affected By Community Characteristics

2015 10 Feb

Hospitals have little or no control over some factors related to their readmission rates, such as poor access to community health facilities outside of the hospital in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. Nonetheless, hospitals in underserved communities are penalised when high readmission rates trigger reductions in Medicare reimbursements. Community-focused... Read more

ICU Management

Nearly 50 Percent Increase in ICU Admissions in the U.S., New Study Says

2013 15 May

A study released on May 14, 2013, by George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS) researchers offers an in-depth look at hospitals nationwide and admissions to intensive care units (ICU). The study, published in the journal Academic Emergency Medicine, finds a sharp increase—nearly 50 percent—in ICU admissions coming... Read more