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2023 24 Mar

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Cardiology Management

2022 10 May

A research group from Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine’s Division of Cardiovascular Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine has identified the characteristics of myeloid immune cells in coronary plaque, which causes acute coronary syndrome, through single-cell RNA sequencing, The goal is to use this data to develop a treatment method...Read more

Cardiology Management

2019 04 Sep

10% of the 7 million emergency department cases in South Australia each year are from suspected acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Led by Prof. Derek Chew of Flinders University, a new trial found a new troponin regime which could reduce discharge times for 70% of chest pain patients in Australian emergency departments. Findings were presented at the ESC...Read more

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2017 16 Aug

When a patient is suffering from chest pain, time is critical. The sooner you can diagnose Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), the faster the patient can begin receiving the right care. Philips Minicare I-20 allows you to perform the first cardiac troponin-I (cTnI) test in an ambulance care setting with just a single droplet of blood. It delivers lab-comparable...Read more

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2017 01 Aug

Amidst increasing evidence showing that the risk of death is higher after stent postdilation is performed in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), an opinion piece in The American Journal of Cardiology warns against unnecessary use of postdilation in ACS patients. The article, written by a team of Chinese researchers from Wuhan University...Read more

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2017 18 Apr

High-sensitivity assays for cardiac troponin T can quickly and safely rule out myocardial infarction (MI) in patients presenting to emergency departments (ED) with possible emergency acute coronary syndrome, according to a meta-analysis published in Annals of Internal Medicine. A single troponin T concentration below the limit of detection in combination...Read more

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2016 13 Dec

Researchers in Taiwan have found that patients with acute coronary syndrome are at an increased risk of suicide compared to otherwise healthy people. Their study published in Journal of the American Heart Association suggests the need to identify those patients at risk for suicide and develop effective interventions to prevent such deaths. See...Read more

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2016 25 Jan

The American College of Cardiology and American College of Radiology have released new recommendations for diagnosing chest pain in the emergency department. The document outlines appropriate use of diagnostic imaging in 20 fundamental clinical scenarios for emergency imaging for chest pain. The clinical scenarios are broken down into leading critical...Read more

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2016 30 Mar

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2014 17 Nov

Patients who experienced a certain type of heart attack while hospitalised for conditions other than acute coronary syndromes were at greater risk of death, compared to patients brought into a hospital for treatment following a heart attack, according to results of a new study published in JAMA . The study was conducted by Prashant Kaul, MD, of the...Read more

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2014 13 May

GlaxoSmithKline has announced that its innovative heart drug darapladib has failed reduce heart attacks or other major cardiac events in patients suffering acute coronary syndrome. This marks a further disappointment for the heart medicine that has previously failed to pass a late-stage trial for patients with well-treated heart disease. ...Read more