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2023 12 Sep

A woman came to see me a few days ago: her 44-year-old husband recently died from sepsis in another hospital, and she wanted to have a discussion about this tragic story. Her husband had had just some kind of blister on his foot. He didn’t seem very ill when he arrived at the hospital, but he quickly developed an extended area of fasciitis on his left...Read more

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2023 08 Sep

World Sepsis Day falls on September 13. Sepsis, which kills more people in Austria each year than heart attacks, is caused by an infection which spreads through the body and damages our organs. A lot of people in the general public still do not know very much about this issue.   Sepsis is one of the most common causes of death around the world....Read more



2022 11 Oct

The Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) and the Sepsis Stiftung joined together to celebrate 10 years of World Sepsis Day on 16 September 2022 in Berlin, under the theme of " Making Sepsis a National and Global Health Priority ”. The event aimed to engage with high-level policy makers, representatives of health authorities, patient organizations, health...Read more

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2022 16 Sep

Hybrid Event On September 16, 2022, the Global Sepsis Alliance and the Sepsis Stiftung will join forces to host a unique event celebrating a decade of World Sepsis Day – both in person in Berlin, as well as live streamed on this website. The event is split up into 3 parts – a scientific symposium with renowned speakers from all over the...Read more



2022 05 Sep

World Sepsis Day was inaugurated exactly ten years ago and, since then, has made great progress in the fight against sepsis. Sepsis awareness has increased across the globe. However, sepsis still accounts for approximately 11 million lives lost every year around the world. This does not include millions of deaths by viral sepsis due to COVID-19. ...Read more

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2018 27 Sep

Find World Sepsis Day on Social Media         Read more

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2018 05 Sep

Find World Sepsis Congress on Social Media       Read more

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2016 01 Sep

Radiometer is proud to announce that it is sponsoring this year’s World Sepsis Day on the 13th September, continuing its commitment to the fight against this life-threatening medical condition. This initiative is a key part of the drive to improve outcomes for sepsis – the number one cause of preventable deaths worldwide – highlighting the significant...Read more

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2016 08 Sep

World Sepsis Day  is a concept developed by the Global Sepsis Alliance, and operated as a collaborative effort with other organizations and individuals.  Each year on September 13th,  supporters all around the globe organize events to raise awareness for sepsis.  The  Global Sepsis Alliance  (GSA), is a  non-profit organization  supporting the efforts...Read more