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ICU Management

World Congress of Intensive Care 2019

2019 14 Oct

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ICU Management

What is an ICU? WFSICCM Reports

2016 01 Aug

Intensive Care Units are an integral part of the healthcare system. Approximately 164,000 patients are admitted to ICUs in England, Wales and Northern Island each year. Similarly, there are around 4 million ICU admissions per year in the U.S. While ICUs' are a regular feature in all high, middle and low income countries, disparities still exist in... Read more

ICU Management

13th World Congress of Intensive & Critical Care Medicine 2017 - WFSICCM

2017 08 Nov

The WFSICCM exists since 1977, developed as an organization of National Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine with the alm of promoting the best possible standards of intensive and critical care medicine around the globe. In those early days, although a great concept, the World Federation was relatively limited in terms of achieving its... Read more