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Low-Cost Technology for Thyroid Cancer Screening

2016 15 Mar

An EU-funded project launched this year will develop a novel, point-of-care, low-cost device for the screening of thyroid nodules. Thyroid cancer is a major and growing health challenge with around 300,000 new cases diagnosed worldwide every year. Current methods do not provide sufficient support to surgeons in their decision on the appropriate... Read more

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New Access TSH (3rd IS) Assay Released with CE Mark for Use on the Beckman Coulter

2016 22 Jan

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is pleased to announce obtaining CE Mark and the release of its new Access TSH (3rd IS) assay for use with the company’s Access Family of Immunoassay Systems. This new assay is the next generation of the Access HYPERsensitive hTSH and Access Fast hTSH assays for the quantitative determination of human thyroid stimulating... Read more

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Hi-tech Imaging Pushing Up Thyroid Cancer Rates

2015 11 Sep

Increased detection of low-risk cancers through the use of high-tech imaging is driving up thyroid cancer rates, according to a Mayo Clinic study published in the journal Thyroid . Researchers found that the number of new cases of thyroid cancer nearly doubled over the past decade, with nearly 30 percent of these recent cases diagnosed when clinicians... Read more

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Zealous Imaging Leading to Unncessary Treatment for Low Risk Thyroid Cancer

2013 06 Sep

New imaging techniques are fuelling an epidemic in diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancers that are unlikely to ever progress to cause symptoms or death, warn experts writing in the British Medical Journal.    New technologies such as ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning can detect thyroid nodules as small as 2mm. Many of these small nodules are papillary... Read more

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Can Vibro-acoustography Detect Thyroid Nodules?

2013 08 Apr

The gold standard for diagnosing benign versus malignant thyroid nodules is fine needle aspiration biopsy. This study evaluated the a noninvasive ultrasound-based method, vibro-acoustography (VA), for thyroid imaging and determined the feasibility and challenges of VA in detecting nodules in the thyroid. In an in vitro study, experiments were conducted... Read more