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IT Management

Put That Phone Down!

2022 02 Aug

New research shows that people underestimate how much they would enjoy spending time alone with their own thoughts without anything to distract them. The research is published in the  Journal of Experimental Psychology: General . The research shows that humans have the ability to immerse themselves in their own thinking but have difficulty appreciating... Read more

ICU Management

More Than a Title: Leadership Lessons from ISICEM 2017

2017 28 Mar

The difference between a good and a bad leader may be obvious, but when it comes to assuming the mantle of leadership, leaders are made, not born. When management and leadership is not routinely taught, intensivists benefit from hearing from experienced leaders such as Dr. Niall Ferguson , Head of Critical Care Medicine at the University Health Network... Read more

Health Management

The Creative Promise of Design Thinking

2016 01 Jul

You’re much more imaginative than you think, but your workplace — which needs your very best ideas — may be driving the creativity right out of you.   Big businesses can be the worst offenders, demanding a level of predictability and efficiency that is good for today’s bottom line but bad for tomorrow’s. The pressure to grow is relentless, but... Read more