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IT Management

2024 02 Feb

  Blockchain in healthcare is a fresh concept. It impacts patient data honesty and care coordination and stops fraud.   This piece will lead you through how blockchain changes healthcare, its effects on data safety, and its future role in patient service.   Learn about the main benefits, current uses, and potential future developments...Read more

IT Management

2023 08 Dec

    Beyond its roles in gaming or cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has found surprising traction in the medical domain. This revelation caught many off guard and gained momentum after the COVID-19 pandemic.   Researchers have unearthed the profound significance of blockchain across diverse realms reliant on information data. It...Read more

Executive Health Management

2024 20 Mar

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Executive Health Management

2020 15 Oct

A new analysis highlights the importance of ensuring the safety and health of medical workers through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as they help fight against the pandemic.   You might also like: COVID-19: Risk Factors for Healthcare Workers   Even as countries implement social distancing policies, when PPE is in short...Read more

Executive Health Management

2020 06 Sep

A recent report from McKinsey looks into the challenges manufacturers and suppliers of medtech products have been facing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.   You might also like: Through Crisis to Better Healthcare   With demand for such products, e.g. isolation gowns, nasal swabs, or masks, soaring beyond any expected peaks,...Read more

Executive Health Management

2020 30 Aug

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen major disruptions to supply chains around the world in all sectors, but especially in healthcare. Head of supply chain management at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota outlines the key factors for successful management of resources across a health system during the pandemic (Francis 2020).   You might also like:...Read more

Executive Health Management

2018 05 Apr

In a hospital, the operating room is one of the costliest units to run. A new study by Cardinal Health suggests that better supply chain management systems and analytics are needed to help reduce OR costs and support patient safety. In a survey of surgical staff and hospital supply chain heads, Cardinal Health researchers found that OR surgeons and...Read more

Executive Health Management

2017 19 Oct

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Health Management

2016 01 Jul

Canadian Supply Chain Management Association Offers New Take on Standardising Costs and Processes   Persuading surgeons to recognise the benefits of supply chain management in the operating room is no easy task. But Martin Montanti has done it.   As vice-president for corporate services at Southern Health-Santé Sud, one of Manitoba’s five...Read more