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Executive Health Management

Global health leaders to come together at the 43rd IHF World Hospital Congress

2019 29 Mar

The 43rd World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation will bring health leaders from around the globe together in Oman in November to discuss the importance of people-centered health services in times of peace and crisis.   The World Hospital Congress is a unique global forum where leaders of national and international hospital... Read more

Health Management

A Closer Look At Financial Performance in Healthcare

2016 25 Aug

MANAGING COSTS, RISK, AND FINANCING TO CREATE AN ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Healthcare providers around the world face resource shortages, economic and regulatory uncertainty, and increasing market volatility. Trends such as alternative compensation models and public-private partnerships are leading people to rethink established business... Read more

Health Management

Cancer Services: Matching Supply with Demand

2016 05 Jan

Redesigning cancer services in the acute setting is the only way  to cope with growing demand. A transformation of cancer services in the UK needs to be brought about as a matter of urgency if there is to be any hope of matching current, not to mention future, demand with supply. Incidence of cancer is rising by two to three percent per annum and in... Read more

IMAGING Management

CIRSE 2014: The Ideal Interventional Radiology Service

2014 16 Sep

Key requisites for the interventional radiology practice was the subject of Dr. Iain Robertson’s presentation at the CIRSE congress today. Interventional radiologists need to understand the scope of their services. be more proactive about the services they intend to provide. and also what they do not provide. IR services should be a conduit towards... Read more