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Cardiology Management

SMI-Associated Sudden Cardiac Death

2019 25 Jul

A study published in JAMA Cardiology aimed to measure the prevalence of silent myocardial infarction (SMI) in patients that have had a sudden cardiac death (SCD) with no other history of coronary artery disease (CAD).  SCD is responsible for 50% of cardiac deaths, with CAD being the most common cause. As SCD is usually the first occurrence of any... Read more

IT Management

7th Annual Conference on Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry (SMi) 2015

2015 21 Jan

This interactive conference brings together a talented panel of social media thought leaders and experts to discuss how pharmaceutical companies can maximize on the recent trends, focus on consumer centred approach, and thereby work on community engagement strategies via social media. It will also bring together the regulators, industry experts and... Read more

Cardiology Management

NHS Pilot Projects Address Heart Health of Mentally Ill

2014 25 Sep

As part of its work to implement actions from the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Outcomes Strategy, the Living Longer Lives programme at NHS Improving Quality is launching a pilot study that aims to identify and prevent cardiovascular disease in people with serious mental illness, ultimately saving lives. The Living Longer Lives team at NHS improving... Read more