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Radiology Escape Room teaches team building

2019 05 Jun

The new University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) radiology residents recently found themselves locked in a room, working together to escape the clutches of a fictional crazy physician with hazardous nuclear materials. This game is called an escape room, an activity that has become internationally popular as fun entertainment among... Read more

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Groundbreaking Study: Longer Surgical Residents Shifts Benefit Patients

2016 07 Feb

According to a recent study, allowing surgeons-in-training the flexibility to work longer shifts than currently allowed in U.S. and to be able to take less time off between shifts is not associated with greater risk of early serious postoperative complications or death to patients. The study, called the  Flexibility in Duty Hour Requirements for Surgical... Read more

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Back to School: Report Card Feedback Effective for Training Surgeons?

2015 22 Dec

One-on-one feedback and written report cards are effective tools for helping surgery residents do better in preventing dangerous blood clots among hospitalised patients, according to a new Johns Hopkins study published in Annals of Surgery . Researchers explain that the feedback strategy was designed to enhance the use of correct therapy in surgery... Read more

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Graveyard Shift No Impact on Next Day Surgery

2015 05 Sep

According to a new study that examined the effects of sleep deprivation on surgeons, patients that received common operations in the daytime fared no worse in the short-term if their attending physician had worked a graveyard shift the night before as compared to patients whose doctor did not.  The study is published in the New England Journal of Medicine. ... Read more

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Resident Duty Hour Limits Don't Improve Surgical Patient Safety

2015 14 Jul

A retrospective study published online in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons shows that work hour restrictions for resident physician, revised in 2011 mainly to reduce fatigue-related errors, have not decreased postoperative complication rates in several common surgical specialities. "Our finding suggests the ACGME reform is not meeting... Read more

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French Radiology Residents’ Expectations

2013 15 Mar

A demographic survey was conducted amongst French radiology residents in order to investigate their expectations regarding their training, fields of interest, future career, and exercising their profession. This survey was aimed at anticipating reforms in radiology and at foreseeing future demographic changes, so as to adapt medical residents'... Read more