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Using Twitter to communicate radiogenic risks of mammography

2018 24 Apr

New research investigated the informational and opinion trends within the popular microblog service of Twitter concerning the radiation exposure associated with screening mammography for breast cancer detection. The findings show Twitter users were not largely unfavourable toward mammography due to its projected radiation risks. The study is an article... Read more

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ECR 2018: CT patient information videos save time, increase satisfaction

2018 10 Mar

Did you know that the first airline safety video was produced by Virgin America in 2007 ? Now these videos are widely accepted, and in time patient information videos may be just as routine, according to Meinrad Beer of the University Hospital Ulm, who presented a study about patient information on CT at the recent European Congress of Radiology in... Read more

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Informing Patients About Imaging Tests' Radiation Risks

2017 18 Jul

The general population does not receive enough information regarding radiation exposure and the associated risks related to imaging tests. Thus, initiatives should be designed to reinforce the patient’s awareness when ordering a diagnostic imaging test, says a new study published in the journal PLoS ONE. Over the past decades, a significant part of... Read more