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Executive Health Management

2017 19 Jul

Since the global crisis of 2008-2009, there has been a palpable and growing sense that the world is in the midst of fundamental economic and political change.   But, as is the nature of change, the only certainty we have is that there is a lot of uncertainty. Can we create enough jobs, and the right jobs? Is the financial sector working for society’s... Read more

IMAGING Management

Video Segmentation Model to Recognise ROI in Ultrasounds

2016 03 May

Researchers propose a video segmentation model to recognise regions of interest (ROI) in ultrasounds that are often complicated by low contrast, shadow effects and complex “noise” statistics (unexplained variations). The research, conducted by a team of primarily mathematicians from Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore, focused their work on the... Read more

Health Management

Khresmoi for Radiologists:

2013 28 Nov

Visual Search in Radiology Archives and the Open-Access Medical Literature Authors Dimitrios Markonis , MSc 1 René Donner, MSc 2 Markus Holzer , MSc 2 Thomas Schlegl , MSc 2 Roger Schaer , MSc 1 Georg Langs , PhD 2 Henning Müller, PhD 1... Read more