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IT Management

Fashionable Fairings: 3D-Printed Limb Covers

2014 01 Jul

Prosthetic limbs are now made with stronger, more lightweight materials and have empowered disabled people to accomplish impressive athletic tasks such as snowboarding and competitive dancing. However, for all the advances in technology, prosthetics have always appeared generic and impersonal. A San Francisco and Seville-based start-up company is returning... Read more

IMAGING Management

MR Challenges in Imaging Joint Replacements and Devices

2013 22 May

The clinical need to more accurately image soft tissue and bone in patients with joint replacements and other implanted devices is expected to grow. Each year 2.9 million joint replacements take place worldwide with 1 million Americans receiving a hip or knee replacement. In the U.S., by 2030, the annual demand for primary total hip arthroplasties will... Read more