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Privacy & Security Forum 2016

2016 05 Dec

Privacy & Security Forum 2016 -HIMSS Event Playing to Win in the Cyber Era Conquer tomorrow’s most daunting privacy and security threats at the only peer-to-peer networking event focused on healthcare’s unique challenges. From prevention and detection to response and recovery, get practical solutions you can put into action right away. Read more

Executive Health Management

2016 27 Jan

The Hippocratic Oath, one of the most famous texts in medicine, and perhaps one of the most famous oaths in any profession, is seen as a rite of passage when qualifying as a physician. It represents a commitment to, and the upholding of, ethical standards in medicine. As a qualified GP I remember the sense of pride in taking the oath, and my firm belief... Read more

Health Management

Big Data: Opportunities for Healthcare Organisations

2016 05 Jan

Healthcare organisations need to make much better use of the health data that they hold and to share that use with other organisations in order to scale up their learning opportunities and improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare they provide.  At the level of the individual patient, guideline and decision support systems, notification and... Read more

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Dipak Kalra

2016 05 Jan

1. What are your key areas of interest and research?  Helping to drive the future evolution of electronic health records (EHRs) to be a rich, holistic and smart information resource to all players involved in healthcare and research. My present areas of focus include semantic interoperability, enabling meaning to be understood by people and computers... Read more

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Social Media: Should Doctors and Patients Interact?

2015 01 Dec

Social media has dramatically altered the way many of us interact and connect with one another both personally and professionally. The widespread use of these new communication technologies, however, has created a number of potential ethical and legal challenges. This one question, for example: Is it okay to be Facebook friends with your doctor?  ... Read more

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Figure 1: Crowdsourcing for Clinicians

2015 17 Jul

As its name suggests, Figure 1 is a mobile app for sharing images. Medical professionals can upload photos, x-rays, biopsies and other images of their patients' health conditions or disorders. Figure 1, also referred to as “Instagram for doctors", lets colleagues chime in with comments, questions and potential diagnoses. The app was launched in May... Read more

Executive Health Management

Moral Implications Of Patients Recording Conversations With Physicians

2015 24 Mar

Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio have conducted a study of the ethical implications of patients and their families secretly recording conversations they have with physicians. Now that smartphones are ubiquitous and equipped with the technology to capture such conversations, the frequency of recordings is expected... Read more

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Integrity and the Personal Health Record

2014 08 Nov

Carlos Costa Assistant Professor José Luis Oliveira Associate Professor University of Aveiro, DETI / IEETA, Aveiro, Portugal BMD Software Lda   Key Points • Citizens are becoming increasingly concerned about their personal health information. • Personal health records (PHR) put the control of these data in their... Read more

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Google Glass Brings Privacy Issues To The Fore

2014 29 Jul

A recent article in The Atlantic looks at privacy concerns surrounding Google Glass. The device, introduced to the UK and U.S. markets in May 2014, has stirred up enthusiasm in the healthcare field for its potential applications that can enhance clinical efficiency and doctor-patient interaction.  The device is packed with features that respond... Read more

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Mobile Health Apps: Are Your Data Safe?

2014 26 Jul

Renowned tech companies such as Apple Inc. and Google Inc. are stepping up efforts towards development of health-focused services for apps developers. However, this has intensified debate around the collection of consumer data via those apps on smartphones and other mobile devices. For example, Apple's HealthKit, unveiled during the company's developer... Read more