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Pharmacy Management

Parkinson's Drug May Cause Addictions

2014 10 Dec

A drug to treat Parkinson's disease has been in the midst of some controversy due to allegations that it may result in an addiction to gambling and sex. Pfizer has confirmed that it has proposed a settlement for a class action suit by more than 150 patients who claim that they were not warned about the side effects. The case for Cabaser (cabergoline) which... Read more

Executive Health Management

Siemens to Collaborate With Pfizer for Companion Diagnostics

2013 17 Dec

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. announced that it has entered into a master collaboration agreement with Pfizer Inc. to design, develop and commercialise diagnostic tests for therapeutic products across Pfizer’s pipeline. Under the agreement, Siemens will be one of Pfizer’s collaboration partners to develop and provide in vitro diagnostic tests... Read more