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Executive Health Management

Delivering Safe, High-Quality, Patient-Centric Care

2021 07 Dec

At RSNA 2021’s opening session on 28 November, Dr James Merlino of the Cleveland Clinic discussed strategies to improve the patient experience and healthcare delivery. His address followed RSNA president Dr Mary Mahoney’s opening address. Dr Merlino, a colorectal surgeon, leads patient-centric efforts at the Cleveland Clinic and serves as president,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Artificial Intelligence: a next way forward for healthcare

2019 22 Feb

The promise and the  reality and how to combine the two for efficient and patient-centred hospital care   By harnessing new insights and benefits offered by AOI and Machine Learning, Leeds Teaching Hospital is upgrading the precision of its healthcare information to enable a new world of prediction and analysis that sees the delivery of a new... Read more