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Executive Health Management

Milestone for COVID-19 Vaccine

2020 18 Nov

Pfizer has completed the Phase 3 of its COVID-19 vaccine trial and is ready to seek authorisation for emergency use in the U.S. The vaccine is reported to be 95% effective. Two other vaccine candidates, those of Moderna and the Russian Gamaleya Research Institute, demonstrated 94.5% and 92% efficacy, respectively, but the trials are still... Read more

Executive Health Management

AZ COVID-19 Trial Continues Despite Participant’s Death

2020 23 Oct

This week has seen another COVID-19 vaccine-related incident: a volunteer in the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine trial in Brazil has died. Nevertheless, the trial continues as might the previously halted Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) and the U.S. arm of AZ’s trial.   You might also like: Rushing COVID-19 Vaccine Development: Is It Justified?... Read more