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ICU Management


2016 02 Jun

A study presented at Euroanaesthesia 2016 in London showed that noise levels in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can go well above the World Health Organization (WHO)’s recommended levels, disturbing both patients and the medical teams that care for them. WHO recommends average sound levels for hospital wards below 35 decibels (dBA) with a maximum of...Read more

ICU Management


2018 19 Nov

Noise levels in hospitals regularly exceed international recommendations, and the problem is getting worse, according to an editorial in the BMJ by a research team from King's College London and the University of the Arts London (UAL). You might also like : Music room soundproofing to reduce hospital noise Excessive noise can impact patients'...Read more

ICU Management


2020 11 Aug

An article exploring the experience of an intensive care registrar overnight and the evidence supporting admissions, fatigue, judgement and morality in the circadian cycle. A t night, ICU feels like a fortress that has been put to bed for the night, and as a registrar, you have a role blended from sentinel, secretary, detective and...Read more

ICU Management


2020 11 Aug

The Night in the ICU  Read more

Cardiology Management


2021 02 Mar

Exposure to loud noise has long been linked to hearing loss. But noise can take a toll beyond the ears. Traffic noise, in particular, has been proven to be a physiological stressor. It is classified as the second-worst environmental stressor affecting human health. There is also significant research to show that air and road traffic noise increase...Read more