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IMAGING Management

CT Screening for Lung Cancer

2015 23 Jun

A new study published in Radiology shows that annual low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening can be effective in monitoring people with nonsolid lung nodules. Researchers say the findings could help spare patients from unnecessary surgery and additional imaging. “Nonsolid nodules could be due to inflammation, infection or fibrosis, but could... Read more

IT Management

4 Tech Tools to Improve Patient Care

2015 16 Jun

Technology can be incorporated into healthcare to improve patient care and the principle has been applied by Mount Sinai Health System, an institution that consists of a medical school, seven research institutes, seven hospitals, and an ambulatory network. CIO Kumar Chatani points out that Mount Sinai has successfully migrated all its sites... Read more

IT Management

Mount Sinai Launches System for Faster Referrals

2015 04 May

The Mount Sinai Health System and software company par8o are creating a seamless referral process for the Health System’s care providers. Effective referrals matter because patients with chronic heart failure or diabetes, for instance, may have more than one physician caring for them, and most primary physicians coordinate with many other care providers.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Health Systems Partner to Promote EMS Innovations

2015 10 Jan

Best practices in emergency medical care will be identified and implemented across the US as part of a new project supported by a $225,000 grant. “Promoting Innovations in Emergency Medical Services” is a collaboration between Mount Sinai Health System in New York and the University of California (UC) San Diego Health System. Goals of the project... Read more