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ICU Management

ISICEM15: Pepe’s Pointers for Dealing with the Media

2015 20 Mar

Paul Pepe’s 30 years as a public official (now in Dallas, Texas) and emergency medicine physician have given him plenty of experience of dealing with the media. Admitting that at first he tended to shy away from media contact, he said that experience has taught him some golden rules for public speaking and dealing with the media. Speaking at the International... Read more

Executive Health Management

Facing the Press: Effective Media Training for Hospital Managers

2010 01 Mar

Imagine you are a hospital manager about to appear on TV to answer allegations over lapses in patient safety. You have never been on TV before, but you pride yourself on your communication skills. (You really know your subject and have been invited to lecture all over the world.) In the studio, you find yourself competing for airtime against an earthquake... Read more