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Overcoming ‘Injectability Bottleneck’ With New Syringe

2020 26 Aug

In an article published in Advanced Healthcare Materials (Jayaprakash et al. 2020), MIT researchers describe the development of a simple, low-cost technology for subcutaneous injection of high-concentration drugs.   You might also like: Benefits of ‘Lean Lab’ – Experience from MIT   The technology comes in the form of a new... Read more

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MIT Monitoring Device Reduces COVID-19 Transmissions

2020 15 Apr

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has developed a device that can monitor a COVID-19 patient’s breathing and movement patterns through wireless signals.   Called ‘Emerald’, the device is being used in a variety of hospital and assisted living facilities that include a COVID-19 patient.   You might also... Read more

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DAT-ICU: Datathon for Intensive Care

2018 20 Jan

Greater Paris University Hospitals, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the French Intensive Care Society, University Pierre et Marie Curie and University Paris Descartes, endorsed by the French Society of Anesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine, have the pleasure to invite you to the event : 
DAT-ICU : Datathon for Intensive Care Read more