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ICU Management

FDA Clearance for Masimo O3® Regional Oximetry for Extended Use in Cerebral & Somatic Applications

2020 31 Aug

Masimo  today announced that O3® Regional Oximetry has received FDA clearance for expanded use in monitoring somatic tissue oxygenation saturation in all patient populations and monitoring relative changes in hemoglobin, oxyhemoglobin, and deoxyhemoglobin in adult brains. With this FDA clearance, O3 is now indicated for use in both cerebral and somatic... Read more

ICU Management

Study Investigates Impact Of General Ward Clinical Monitoring Using Masimo Root®& Patient SafetyNet™

2018 03 Aug

Masimo  has announced the findings of a recently published study in which researchers at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center investigated the impact of an integrated clinical monitoring system, using various Masimo technologies and devices, on clinical workflow and patient care in the general ward. The researchers sought to “demonstrate the application... Read more

ICU Management

Masimo Announces U.S. Release of Trace™ Data Visualization and Reporting Tool

2017 07 Oct

 Masimo Trace™ Data Visualization and Reporting Tool Masimo  has announced  that the U.S. release of Trace™, patient data visualization and reporting software designed for Masimo Root® and Radical-7® monitors.   Trace is the first data visualization and reporting software compatible with the full capabilities of the Masimo Root Patient... Read more