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Rising multimorbidity in our ageing world

2018 21 Aug

Mapping the landscape of ageing for more effective healthcare How can the spatial sciences contribute to streamlined healthcare by addressing multi-morbidity in ageing populations across the globe? The global population is ageing. This is not only a general demographic pattern but one with a variety of unique trajectories by country... Read more

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Family Tree Can Lead to Timely Screening of At-Risk Patients

2016 05 Mar

Mapping a patient’s family tree could identify additional risks and drive patients to more timely screenings as most doctors and nurses often use a paper checklist or brief interview to identify risk factors for heart disease and cancer, according to a new study from Duke Health . The study, published on 3 March in the journal Genetics in... Read more

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V Flow : A Novel Visualization of Blood Flow

2016 21 Jan

Introduction Ultrasound color flow mapping (CFM) has been extensively used in clinical diagnosis. Velocity of blood flow is calculated through a leg-one auto-correlation [1] method using the beamformed and filtered receiving signals. The magnitude of velocity relative to the direction of ultrasound beam propagation can be obtained and thus is... Read more