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Executive Health Management


2017 16 May

The recent massive cyberattack that infected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries, including hospitals in Britain, highlights the importance of updating and securing health IT systems. The malware, known as "WannaCry," paralysed computers running banks, factories, government agencies, transport systems and hospital emergency services. In the...Read more

IT Management


2017 18 Apr

Hospitals and other healthcare organisations (HCOs) are increasingly singled out by cyber criminals for ransomware and other attacks. Not only are patients’ sensitive records being targeted, but also their intellectual property or credit card information. The primary   reasons for the HCO vulnerabilities are outdated security architectures,...Read more

Executive Health Management


2017 17 Jan

According to investigators, the cyberattackers who broke into national insurer Anthem's IT system – exposing 78.8 million patient records as a result – were likely working on behalf of a foreign government. They also said that Anthem agreed to invest $260 million in improving its information security systems. See Also : Locky Ramps...Read more

IT Management


2016 27 Sep

A leading IT security company has found that there has been a 282 percent leap in costs related to healthcare breaches since last year.   In spite of this only 54 percent of healthcare organisations have put their data breach response plans to the test a Healthcare IT News report says.   An increasing quantity of malware is being inputted...Read more

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2016 01 Jul

THE HEALTH SECTOR’S CYBER -HYGIENE EPIDEMIC Nietzsche said, “ All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity ”. Unfortunately, for the health sector the issues of ransomware, malware and hackers must worsen before things improve. This is not a sadistic estimation; rather, it...Read more

IT Management


2016 29 Feb

Recent malware attacks on a hospital in Hollywood and a second in Germany have highlighted the role of human error in paralysing the IT of healthcare and the urgent need to train staff to recognise a cyber-threat. Last month Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre was forced to pay ransom after malware froze its IT systems while Lucas Hospital reverted to...Read more

IT Management


2016 29 Feb

Following the recent ransomware incident at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre, that saw the facility paying out $17, 000 in to regain access to IT systems, a new threat has been spotted. Named ‘Locky’, it is a virus that is delivered in an email attachment disguised as a Microsoft Word invoice. Once a user opens it and enables macros, it encrypts...Read more

IT Management


2016 16 Feb

German Hospital shut down by Malware; Reporting Protocols a MUST! A cyber-attack that brought an almost fully paperless hospital in Germany to a standstill, has raised serious concerns about the lack of pan-European reporting protocols when dealing with such malicious viruses. This has prompted the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers...Read more