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The next generation in positional MR imaging

2020 29 Jun

Heather Mason, RT(MR) Applications Specialist The MROpen EVO system is the next generation in positional MR imaging. The MROpen EVO is the world’s only superconducting, cryogen-free MRI system, offering high quality imaging, a small carbon footprint and all of the functionality of a truly positional MRI system.   The MROpen EVO contains... Read more

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MR Imaging Cost-effective in Prostate Cancer Detection

2017 23 May

Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging–guided strategies for the detection of prostate cancer were cost-effective compared with the standard biopsy strategy, according to a new study published in the journal Radiology. The current standard for detecting prostate cancer is a systematic transrectal ultrasonography (US)-guided biopsy with the acquisition of... Read more

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Simultaneous PET/MR Imaging - Key Benefits

2017 18 Apr

Integrated PET/MR imaging scanners capable of simultaneous data acquisition are now available for human use. A report published by Ciprian Catana, MD, PhD (Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging) says the synergistic use of the simultaneously acquired datasets is expected to benefit numerous research and clinical applications. See Also... Read more

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MRI-Guided Ultrasound to Treat Tremor Gets OK From FDA

2016 12 Jul

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has given the green light to a focused ultrasound device that uses magnetic resonance (MR) images taken during the procedure to treat essential tremor in patients who have not responded to medication. ExAblate Neuro, manufactured by InSightec in Dallas, Texas, delivers focused ultrasound to destroy... Read more

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ESGAR Consensus Statement on Liver MR Imaging

2016 01 Jul

Clinical Use of Liver-Specific Contrast Agents   The European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) formed a multinational European panel of experts, selected on the basis of a literature review and their leadership in the field of liver magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, to develop a consensus and provide updated recommendations... Read more

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PET Imaging Detects Fast-growing Prostate Cancer

2015 25 Aug

A Johns Hopkins-led study shows that PET imaging with a specific biomarker could detect fast-growing primary prostate cancer and distinguish it from benign prostate lesions. The finding, reported in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine , is important for patients with suspected prostate cancer that has not been confirmed by standard biopsy. The study... Read more

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£25m Funding Stimulates Dementia and Neuroscience Research with Siemens MR Imaging

2015 17 Mar

The University of Cambridge has been awarded £25 million in funding by the Medical Research Council (MRC) to invest in a range of revolutionary technologies for experimental medicine. This enables a major investment in innovative neuroimaging technologies to identify the causes of dementia plus speed up diagnosis and treatment. This includes ultra-high... Read more